The universe has been shattered separating the mirror dimension from our world. As an initiate world walker you must use your powers to recover the mirror gems.

Move with the cursor/arrow keys. Press space to switch worlds. Remember that the worlds are split so things aren't always the same.


You can now build your own maps. Create a text file like this example template and use the following key to place items. Play it by selecting "CUSTOM LEVEL" and selecting your text file.

  • S - Start position for the wizard - should be on the bottom section
  • M - Mirror gem
  • G - Green Switch
  • g - Green Switch Block
  • B - Blue Switch
  • b - Blue Switch Block
  • R - Red Switch
  • r - Red Switch Block
  • s - spikes
  • P - pillar
  • 0 - floor
  • space - empty space
  • X - moveable box

Let me know about any maps you make at Twitter @cokeandcode

Web Monetisation is enabled so you can use it to contribute to my future games, but there are no additional features for using it.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorCoke and Code
Tags2D, javascript, Pixel Art, web


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Like puzzle games but this requires big brain and not a single brain cell

Puzzles forever!

How is this game developed I mean which engine or which language ?

It's built with typescript - no engine.

Got to level 3 and then got stuck maybe have a answer sheet for us to cheat LOL

Na, that'd ruin all the fun!

really cool game! I think it might win!

Cheers, really appreciate the feedback!

If you press space while dead your player stutters, otherwise pretty great.

Thanks for the bug report - should be fixed no